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Wuthering Heights Themes Essays - British Films,

Wuthering Heights Themes In the novel "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bront?, many relevant themes were portrayed. In this essay, I will be discussing the five most poignant themes, which in my opinion are "Good versus Evil","Revenge", "Status & Education","Love" and "Selfishness". I feel that all these themes are equally important, and in the following paragraphs, I will attempt to discuss their impact on the reader and to the novel as a whole. Emily Bront? developed the main characters very vividly. From the beginning of the novel, I was aware of a sense of spirit, feelings and emotions. As the novel unraveled, I began to emphasize with the innocent victims (Hareton, Linton, Cathy, etc.), and I had a clear vision of what was happening in the homes and between the two families. It was very clear to me why Heathcliff and Edgar became so hateful and vengeful; however, I felt very angry at the cycle of abuse and misery that continued through the generations. It seemed like nobody in either family was ever able to find peace and harmony, and everybody who ever had any ties to the families were affected and displayed certain attitudes and emotional afflictions. I think the overall theme is that good eventually overcomes evil (or love is stronger than hate). In addition, with the emphasis on spirituality and death, the reader's focus turns to the role of God in determining the happiness or misery of our eternal soul. It was very frustrating to read about the pain and abuse the characters were inflicting on each other, It was evident that the Pg. 2 prejudices and attitudes of the first generation were being passed down to the next. Young Cathy, Linton and Hareton were all subjected to and expected to conform to the anger, prejudices and attitudes of their families. The animosity between the two families was being forced upon the children, and therefore could have continued forever. However, it was very enlightening when Cathy and Hareton were finally able to become friends and then marry. The love that had been repressed for so long, beginning with Catherine and Hareton, was finally given a chance to blossom. This turn of events gave me hope that good can overcome evil, and love can be attained even in the most evil environments. Revenge is the most dominant theme of the second half of the novel. Heathcliff first believes that if he can avenge the death of Catherine, he will somehow grow closer to her. However, the exact opposite occurs. When Heathcliff gives up on his plan for revenge, he is soon reunited with Catherine in eternal bliss. Ignorance and Education were very prominent in the beginning of the book. Especially when Heathcliff was first introduced to the family. He was a poor orphan, with little or no education. The rest of the family at Wuthering Heights treated him like a second-class citizen. Heathcliff was resented, mocked and abused if he attempted to improve himself in any way. When Heathcliff returned to Wuthering Heights, the abuse Heathcliff suffered obviously scarred him, so the cycle of abuse continued when he inflicted worse treatment on Hareton Earnshaw. He forced him to work in the home as a common servant, belittled him, and psychologically abused him by constantly badgering him. When the Linton's are introduced to the reader, it is readily apparent that the family has a higher social status and is more educated than the residents at Wuthering Heights are. Pg. 3 Even though I wouldn't consider "Wuthering Heights" to be a romantic novel, love was a very important theme. Bront? addresses the bond between Catherine and Heathcliff in a spiritual and supernatural manner. Their love is spiritual rather than physical, and although they seemed to be soul mates their love was never appeased. As children, Catherine and Heathcliff had a bond that grew out of similar needs. They grew up protecting and trying to shelter each other from the abuse from Hindley, and consequently they developed an eternal friendship, love and affinity. They were soul mates even as children. Bront? expands the notion of eternal love, by creating a supernatural aspect in the story, and this is masterfully illustrated when Heathcliff contacts Catherine's spirit after she dies. Their souls are eternally joined, and Heathcliff cannot live in this realm without her, only their souls joined together make one. Heathcliff eventually dies because he has to reunite his soul to Catherine's. Selfishness was first introduced when Mr. Earnshaw brought Heathcliff, home to Wuthering Heights. In the beginning, Heathcliff was treated equally as a

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How to Make Liquid Oxygen or Liquid O2

How to Make Liquid Oxygen or Liquid O2 Liquid oxygen or O2 is an interesting blue liquid that you can prepare quite easily yourself. There are several ways to make liquid oxygen. This one uses liquid nitrogen to cool oxygen from a gas into a liquid. Liquid Oxygen Materials A cylinder of oxygen gas1-liter Dewark of liquid nitrogenTest tube (approximately 200ml)Rubber tubingGlass tubing (to fit inside test tube) Preparation Clamp a 200-ml test tube so that it will sit in a bath of liquid nitrogen.Connect one end of a length of rubber tubing to an oxygen cylinder and the other end to a piece of glass tubing.Place the glass tubing in the test tube.Crack open the valve on the oxygen cylinder and adjust the flow rate of the gas so that there is a slow and gentle flow of gas into the test tube. As long as the flow rate is slow enough, liquid oxygen will begin to condense in the test tube. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to collect 50 mL of liquid oxygen.When you have collected sufficient liquid oxygen, close the valve on the oxygen gas cylinder. Liquid Oxygen Uses You can use liquid oxygen for many of the same projects you would perform using liquid nitrogen. Its also used to enrich fuel, as a disinfectant (for its oxidizing properties), and as a liquid propellant for rockets. Many modern rockets and spacecraft use liquid oxygen engines. Safety Information Oxygen is an oxidizer. It reacts very readily with combustible materials.  According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS),  materials you may ordinarily consider non-combustible, such as steel, iron, Teflon, and aluminum, may burn with liquid oxygen. Flammable organic materials may react explosively. Its important to work with liquid oxygen away from a flame, spark, or heat source.Liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen are extremely cold. These materials are capable of causing severe frostbite. Avoid skin contact with these liquids. Also, take care to avoid touching any object which has been in contact with the cold fluids, since it may also be very cold.Dewars are easily broken by mechanical shock or exposure to extreme temperature changes. Take care to avoid striking the Dewar. Dont slam a cold Dewar on a warm countertop, for example.Liquid oxygen boils off to form oxygen gas, which enriches the concentration of oxygen in the air. Use care to avoid oxyge n intoxication. Work with liquid oxygen outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms. Disposal If you have leftover liquid oxygen, the safest way to dispose of it is to pour it over a noncombustible surface and allow it to evaporate into the air. Interesting Liquid Oxygen Fact Although Michael Faraday liquefied most gases known at the time (1845), he was unable to liquefy oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, and methane. The first measurable sample of liquid oxygen was produced in 1883 by Polish professors  Zygmunt Wrà ³blewski  and  Karol Olszewski. A couple of weeks later, the pair successfully condensed liquid nitrogen.

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Top 12 Creative Writing College Programs †

Top 12 Creative Writing College Programs It may be too difficult to choose a dedicated creative writing program at the institution of your dreams. Another thing you should care about is how to pass the admissions process. Anyway, there are always some world-known alternatives that attract most of the students. Our team has researched several options in the field of creative writing colleges and corresponding programs to come up with this list of the top demanded colleges for creative writing in the USA. How Did We Choose? College rankings do not always reflect the reality. US News rating might be the most accurate, but you still have to rely on the obvious information you find about each creative college of your interest. We have prepared our own list based on the feedback of thousands of students as well as some other crucial factors. Mind not just what the rankings are, but how they are defined. Our top list will assist in your personal investigation. While observing, don’t forget to take notes which might be useful for your further admissions essay. In case you’re having some troubles with creative or academic writing, contact online writing help website to get a winning personal statement. First of all, it is important to understand which criteria I have used to name the best colleges in the field of creative writing. My first stage was to narrow down my search results by leaving only those institutions that proposed a particular creative writing major degree. In case you are sure in the competence of some schools which are not on the list, it may mean they only offer minors. While ranking those schools, we considered 5 basic factors: MFA Ranking  - This point stands for the level of local personnel proficiency and the number of smart students specific college attracts. We have looked through professors’ qualifications to choose the best places in terms of teaching. It was also noticed that colleges with powerful MFA programs tend to possess perfect alumni networks and internship options. At the same time, one has to realize that a lot of colleges with excellent undergraduate programs lack MFAs. Overall Creative College Reputation  - You still have to understand that the majority of your future classes will be in other areas than creative writing. Thus, we have evaluated the level of teaching other subjects such as English and Literature as well. Extracurricular Opportunities  - Another benefit of obtaining major  in creative writing is that it can lead to various creative writing opportunities after class, meaning part-time job and other activities. That is why our team has taken into account such features as internship programs, author readings, and literary magazines offered by the explored college. Learning Diversity - We have awarded extra points to each creative college with a large range of professional fields and interesting additional classes.   Alumni/Prestige  - We can say that deciding on this criterion is a rather subjective process, but we tried to do our best. We have searched for the famous writers released by the particular institutions. The product of any university is its graduates, so they have to be evaluated in order to assess the quality of local teaching. Possessing a brand name degree can be useful in many life situations. Top Preferred Creative Writing Schools Now it’s time to look at the list itself. It is not that easy to locate these wonderful creative colleges objectively, so we would say that it is simply the list of the best schools, not just another rating. While those placed on the first five places are simply amazing, the rest might be called super good. So, don’t take the numbering close to your heart.   #1: Northwestern University Northwestern's undergrad creative writing program  has conquered the hearts of many students as it is run by acclaimed tutors and graduates who became word-known authors (i.e., Veronica Roth with her â€Å"Divergent†). The University suggests that students get involved in such activities as running literary journal, interning at a publication, or submitting to the Department of English's yearly creative writing competition.   #2: Columbia University The institution offers two great programs: the one in creative writing and the one in journalism. Being located in NYC, students have an opportunity to try their best in local publishing houses and literary journals. #3: University of Iowa University of Iowa's  Graduate Writer’s Workshop is what makes this place absolutely special. It is called the most wanted MFA program in the US. Famous writers and established professors allow choosing from a large list of subjects. University’s literary community will provide you with any book or manual you need for free. #4: Emory  University If you have a desire to study creative writing along with the most professional authors and scholars, Emory  is right for you. Except for the regular classes, each student has a chance to visit questions-answers face-to-face sessions with the award-winning writers and journalists. You will be able to work closely with a personal counselor to complete an honors project. #5: Oberlin College Oberlin  is actually a pretty small liberal arts school in Ohio. Lena Dunham, who attends the school regularly to speak to the students, was among the local alums. Students can pursue writing in the surrounding city. #6: Hamilton College One more tiny college, situated in upstate New York. Local students have a pure interest to observe topics both during the lectures and out of the classroom. The opportunities to intern and publish impress.   #7: Brown University Brown's Literary Arts  program is known for one of the leading MFAs in the United States. Core requirements are excluded, so students are free to explore additional topics after classes with the help of the stellar English department and screenwriting program. #8: Washington University in St. Louis Enjoy local magnificent MFA program along with the diversity of topics, wide range of scholarships, and creative writing jobs you may find outside the university. #9: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Even though the place has a lot to do with technology, it still has a special creative writing program. It can boast an interesting course in digital media. Besides, except for creative writing, students can master the art of scientific writing. It provides each student with an extraordinary set of skills and more career perspectives.   #10: University of Michigan The University of Michigan  is one of the best American universities in general. It is obvious that it offers a top-notch MFA. The program is aimed to provide every interested student with the excellent creative writing major and good reputation. #11: Johns Hopkins University Remove engineering major from the list of this university, and you’ll get enrolled in the dedicated creative writing program. After passing its valuable courses, one will be able to compose poetry, fiction as well as official reports  and persuasive essays. #12: Colorado College One more small liberal arts college on the list. It is outstanding thanks for the block plan, which makes it possible to concentrate on a single class per three-and-a-half-week block. You’ll take four writing workshops and visit every reading of the Visiting  Writers Series. Don’t forget about New York University writing opportunities as well! How to Make a Final Decision? Don’t lose your head – have a look at the most important criteria to consider when selecting the degree and college which is right for you. Are you interested in the suggested college courses? Analyze which skills you wish to obtain and what each college program offers. Match your personal desires with what the target school proposes. What opportunities are expecting after your classes? Discover whether there will be an opportunity to practice your creative skills outside the college. It can be everything: from campus newspaper to local music or fashion magazine. Who'll be teaching you? The best way to decide on this factor is to analyze Rate My Professor section of each college’s official website. Pay attention to objective comments only. What is the alumni’s future? Find out who used to graduate from the walls of your target college. Are these people successful?   What about the rest of the school? Analyze and evaluate all courses provided by your college. Make sure to select the college where you like the entire curriculum so that you won’t have a desire to miss some classes. All you have to do once you decide on your target college is to prepare a creative writing piece (personal statement + cover letter) and apply for the chosen program. In case there are any obstacles on your way to inspiring creative writing,  contact online writers and buy original admissions essay or cover letter that would increase your chances to be accepted.

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Business Strategy Nokia Corporation Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Business Strategy Nokia Corporation - Case Study Example In addition, it provides recommendations and suggestions as how to employ the internal and external strengths, overcome the weakness, make use of the opportunities and identifying the potential threats in time and take preventive measures in time. Nokia Corporation is a Finland based company incorporated in the year 1966. The major breakthrough came when Nokia made an entry into the consumer electronics market. Through its remarkable internationalisation policies, Nokia over the years has evolved as the leading manufacturer of mobile devices and mobile networks across the globe. However from a humble start with paper, rubber and cable manufacturing, consumer electronics brought about a major reorientation of the company. It was towards the end of the twentieth century that Nokia aggressively started implementing expansionary policies in different electronic product areas. Over the next twenty - twenty five years, Nokia actively made acquisitions and divestments in an effort to internationalise and growth. In the year 1995, Nokia recorded revenue of a whooping FIM 36, 810 million of which 99 percent came from the electronics business: mobile phones, telecommunications and consumer electronics. (Lindell L. and Melin L., 1996) Today Nokia operat... It has a plethora of products and services to offer to consumers. Though its primary business area is manufacture and sell of mobile phone handsets, it also provides services to that help to protect a business from foreign intrusion, improve workforce communications and voice solutions. (About Nokia, 2009) The determining factor of Nokia's success in the consumer electronics industry is its timely identification and exploitation of business opportunities. Nokia's acquisition strategies played a major role in bringing about a remarkable corporate transformation. Between the period 1983 and 1992, Nokia made five well planned and strategised acquisitions of European companies. 1983 Salora (Finland), Luxor (Sweden) 1987 Oceanic (France) 1988 Standard Electric Lorenz (Germany) 1988 Main plants: Bochum (Germany) and Ibervisao (Portugal), with six other plants supporting the manufacturing of TV sets 1992 Finlux (Finland) In the 1970s when Nokia had just entered the computers manufacturing industry, another opportunity to expand in electronics appeared. There was a sudden creation of demand for a new type of portable radio telephone by the Finnish army. Eventually the three companies that got the order of manufacturing were Salora, Televa and Nokia. Salora was much ahead of its two counterparts in its Research and Development activities. In view of this, Nokia strategically approached Salora and for a joint venture initiative in the radio telephone business. (Lindell L. and Melin L., 1996) However in the 1970s Salora was forced to relinquish their ownership due to unethical business practices. After years of ill fate and business blunders, Nokia acquired 18 percent of the shares in Salora, however it

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Smith's Accounting and Tax Service-Can Amanda Turn Her New Business Assignment

Smith's Accounting and Tax Service-Can Amanda Turn Her New Business Around - Assignment Example Factors like ethics, global competitiveness and environment are the factors that are seen to influence how the mangers perform the four functions. Planning Planning is the process of identifying the organizational goals for future performances and then decides on the task and the resources required accomplishing these goals. In simple terms planning says the manger regarding what the organization wants to achieve in future and how they can achieve that. Planning also specifies when and how the task should be performed. Managers are seen to exactly outline what to achieve and how to achieve. By this the managers are not only concern with the success of the organization in achieving long term goals but also short term goals as well (Agarwal, 2008). In this case Amanda has committed the mistake of not planning how she will be running the business. She even failed to plan how she would run the business if it is undergoing through crisis. Lisa was recruited not on the basis of her experie nce or qualification; she was recruited simply because of her acquaintances with Amanda. This shows that Amanda was totally unprepared for the business; otherwise she would have followed proper recruitment processes. Amanda developed the mission and vision of her company after the business has been already started. The target market was even chosen by Amanda after starting the business. Both the things need to be done prior to starting the business. Moreover she even did not plan any thing for the slack period that her business will be facing. When the slack period commenced, she started wondering about she will be paying her employees and eventually end up into losing them. Moreover she was taking... The four management functions are very important for the managers to follow in order to make the organization achieve its goals. If any of the four functions are not implemented by the manager then it creates a huge negative impact on the performance of the business. In this case, though Amanda has huge experience in auditing and taxation but was incapable of implementing the four function of management. She tried to do a lot of things and even done some of them but all at a wrong time. †¢ She should now first plan how she would be running the business, where she needs to also focus on some provision in case if the business fails to achieve its expected results. Recruit a human resource manager and an operational manager who will be looking the recruitment and day to day operations respectively. Amanda should engage herself more proactively regarding monitoring the performance and assessing them so that feedbacks related to necessary correction can be provided. Proper flow of in formation regarding the goals of the organization should be ensured.

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The Centralia Mine Essay Example for Free

The Centralia Mine Essay The Centralia Mine opened in 1907 and remained free of fatal accidents for decades (Walker, 2006). By the 1940’s mine inspectors began reporting excessive coal dust in the mines and also provided recommendations. In March 25, 1947, the Centralia No. 5 coal mine exploded near the town of Centralia, Illinois, killing 111 people. The explosion was caused when an under burdened explosive detonation ignited coal dust. The explosion of this mine should not have been a surprise to anyone. Driscoll Scanlan, who was a state mine inspector, notified public sector safety professionals from state and federal agencies of the hazards as a result of inspections. There were also union complaints and letters to state officials. Various officials of mine safety agencies and the mine company were notified on more than one occasion. Scanlan as well as the mine’s union had also pushed to have the hazards corrected. The lack of the federal and state officials to take action, along with the ignition of built up coal dust, resulted in the death of 111 coal miners. Identify and explain four (4) logistical alternatives Scanlan could have addressed. In 1941, Illinois Governor Dwight Green appointed Driscoll Scanlan, as one of the states 16 mine inspectors. Scanlan was highly recommended by a state representative (Martin, 1948). He was appointed as the inspector of the district which included Centralia Mine No. 5. State inspectors jobs include making sure mine operators comply with the state mining law (Stillman, 2010). His first inspection of Centralia No. 5 was in 1942. In his first report, his recommendations included cleaning and sprinkling the haulage roads. Scanlan inspected the mine several times in the years before the explosion. At the end of each inspection he sent his report to the Illinois Department of Mines and Minerals. Several of his reports throughout 1942-1944 repeated his previous recommendations and added new one. In one of the latter ones, he recommended that the mine be rocked dusted (Stillman, 2010). In follow up to his reports, he should have inquired with the Director for the status of his recommendations. When he found that none of them were taken care of, he could have let the miners know what the issues were and helped fix the areas in which there were problems. Scanlan could have also worked with the union to push fixing the mine or shutting it down until repaired. When he made the threat to shut them down, the company started to fix some of the problems that were indicated in his reports. The changes that the company made to the mines were only temporary. His only other option would be to try to sprinkle the roads and help with the rock dusting. Analyze and discuss Scanlan’s motivation toward the Constitution (the law), bureaucracy (as a public administrator responsible to the public), and obligation. Scanlan carried out the duties of inspecting the mines. He reported his findings to the Department of Mines and Minerals and the State Mining Board (Stillman, 2010). Scanlan was truly an advocate for the miners. He, unlike some the other inspectors, did not get involved in the political aspects with the companies. Many of the inspectors would have drinks with the company officials and provide brief inspection reports. Scanlan was quite different. Scanlan talked to the miners and made sure that their complaints were included in his inspection reports (Stillman, 2010). The local union expressed their concerns to the State of Illinois in response to the findings of the special investigation commission (Stillman, 2010). They also followed up with a letter to Governor Green, thanking Scanlan for taking the issues to Prudent the Superintendent and local officials on their behalf (Stillman, 2010). Scanlan made 13 inspections and reports, each were reported to the Department of Mining and Minerals. Most of his reports were dismissed and responded to as not being as serious as it seems. Take a position on two (2) possible paths of action for Scanlan and defend your choices. Business and political gain played a critical role in the conditions that led to the accidents. Although Scanlan provided numerous reports, his superiors down played the seriousness of his recommendations. They seemed to be more concerned about keeping the officials happy. The lack of attention given to the seriousness of the inspection reports provided by Scanlan proved to be detrimental to the miners. His inspection reports were ignored by state mining officials and mine company supervisors. Scanlan’s first course of action should have been to shut down the mine. Being a state inspector, he had the authority to shut down a mine if there were violations that had been brought to the company’s attention, but not addressed in a reasonable amount of time. This action, in my opinion, would have been the best course of action. An alternative course of action would have been to go the officials that are higher than the state and federal officials that he was dealing with. He had performed enough inspections, over the course of 3 years, and found that if the mining conditions were not improved, that fatalities would eventually occur at this mine (Saleh, 2011). The state and federal officials were more concerned about continuing business. They did not take into consideration the seriousness of the inspection reports that Scanlan was continually providing them with. The lack of their follow through and the dismissing of his recommendations would have been taking more seriously by someone at a higher level. I feel that they would have stepped in and taken action that may have saved the lives of the miners. This disaster followed by another mining disaster in 1968 caused Congress to become more aggressive with mining companies by passing the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act in 1969 (Ward, 2007). Unfortunately it took another terrible mining incident to get them to notice how important it is for higher officials to make companies follow the recommendations of mining inspectors.

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Othello Essays -- essays research papers

â€Å"Othello†, by William Shakespeare, is a story of jealousy’s potential to manipulate thoughts and eventually lead to ultimate demise. The key to extremely detrimental jealousy lies within one’s ability to recognize it or deny it. It seems that the important theme of â€Å"Othello† is that if jealousy is not recognized and immediately dealt with, it receives a head start to commence the process of rotting away all normal human reason. Othello’s speech in Act III scene iii beginning with line 178 is the first and most important indicator of the trouble ominously looming on Othello’s horizon. His immediate response to Iago’s accusations is that of total denial. By depriving himself of that initial venting process, Othello gives his jealousy the perfect culture on which his jealousy can turn cancerous and grow out of control. Othello does not spit out the seed that Iago has planted within himself soon enough and thus lets Iago water i t with smooth speech until its roots spread and cannot be uprooted. The only way to appropriately illustrate this point is through an in depth analysis of specific text from the play.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Othello’s speech that begins on line 178 of act III Scene iii is absolutely central to the meaning of the scene as well as to the meaning of the entire play. Beginning with out right denial, Othello’s speech ends up working its way through all possible outcomes until he is left with only confusion and doubt regarding Desdimona’s fidelity. He goe...